Matt Barnes is in the middle of a legal battle with ex-wife Gloria Govan, and some advice from Derek Fisher, who dirty-macked his way into the relationship, could prove to be damaging in the long run. A private text conversation between Barnes and Fisher made mention of the beef between the formerly married couple and […]

Gloria Govan and her husband-to-be Derek Fisher were congratulated by Matt Barnes when the couple got engaged in April, but don’t expect to see the former Golden State Warriors player in attendance at the wedding. Govan says that while her ex-husband isn’t at odds with Fisher, his presence could be a little weird.

Former NBA player Derek Fisher pled no contest to his DUI.


Dirty Mack ambassador Derek Fisher has pled not guilty to charges in his DUI case. You remember—the one where back in June he flipped over the SUV he was driving in, with Gloria Govan, that happened to be registered to her ex-huband Matt Barnes. 


This is so deliciously petty we couldn’t pass up on sharing. That SUV that Dirty Mack Derek Fisher crashed, possibly because he was DUI, is actually registered to Matt Barnes. 


Derek Fisher got popped for an alleged DUI after getting into a car accident where his vehicle flipped over. The former NBA guard and head coach is okay, but Twitter is giving him minimal sympathy. 

The jokes truly do write themselves. Derek Fisher reportedly had his five NBA championship rings stolen in a burglary last night, so course Twitter is blaming Matt Barnes for the crime. 


The hate triangle between Matt Barnes, his ex-wife Gloria Govan, and her current boo Derek Fisher just doesn’t seem to go away.

Derek Fisher‘s time as an NBA coach the New York Knicks was marked with numerous Ls and dirty mackin’ on Matt Barnes’ estrange wife that led to a reported fade delivery. Well, Fish is plotting a return to the NBA, as a player. 

Derek Fisher stays taking L’s. The former Knicks coach, who was unceremoniously fired this year, and who dirty macked his ex-teammate Matt Barnes’ wife, agreed to pay his ex-wife $1.3M a year in their divorce settlement. 

The law could get involved if Matt Barnes doesn’t cut back on slandering the life out of Derek Fisher. Barnes claims he got a phone call warning him to stop throwing shots at Fisher, or face a restraining order.

Recently, much has been said of D’Angelo Russell breaking the “guy code” when somehow video footage he took of Nick Young copping to cheating on Iggy Azalea leaked onto the Internets via a gossip site. Who better to ask about this than snitch-fader Matt Barnes?