drug bust

James “Fly” Williams, a former professional basketball player and streetball legend, was arrested for his role in a $2o million heroin ring in Brooklyn. Williams was one of 18 people arrested in the sting and had his own troubles with drugs while also serving as a mentor for youth in the area.


Is the new motto for cocaine smugglers, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again”?


A man in the Bronx was arrested on July 6th after DEA agents and a team from the Office of Special Narcotics Prosecutor discovered the he had 52 kilos of cocaine “concealed in fake Latin American root vegetables,” otherwise known as delicious yucca.

NYPD scored a major win after busting a heroin and PCP drug ring that spanned The Bronx and Manhattan. Early morning raids on Wednesday (March 10) netted kilos of drugs, multiple firearms, cash and the arrest over 20 alleged conspirators.

The Brooklyn neighborhood of South Williamsburg has been a hub of development and gentrification, but a bustling heroin drug ring also used the area has the home base for its operations. According to reports from the District Attorney, 25 people connected to the heroin ring were arrested on Thursday.

Reportedly enough heroin for “every man, woman and child in New York City” was found in a drug bust in The Bronx. The estimated street value of the “heron” found is at least $50M, which means you can bet that there is one pissed off Mexican connect south of the border. 

Jackie Chan’s son is being detained in Beijing, China following a drug raid last Thursday (Aug. 14). The actor, Jaycee Chan, was arrested in the country’s latest drug crackdown on celebrities.

Drug dealers are a creative bunch. A man travelling from Trinidad was caught smuggling over seven pounds of cocaine in the frozen goat meat in his luggage at JFK Airport in New York City. 

The “war on drugs” hasn’t exactly stopped the drug game from being a solid and financially viable industry. According to estimates, drug trafficking is a $400 billion business.

The NYPD took down a dealer who led a drug ring that sold in three New York boroughs and Connecticut yesterday (January 16). The ringleader kept a large amount of coke and heroin hidden inside a secret compartment in a Jacuzzi, as well as a pigeon coop on the roof of the stash house.

Don’t let the movies and television shows fools you, drug dealers are some of the dumbest people on earth. Case in point, the man who was arrested yesterday (December 11) for picking up 25 pounds of marijuana that was delivered to him via UPS.

Republican Rep. Trey Radel, newly elected to office last November, is taking a page out of disgraced Canada mayor Rob Ford‘s coke buying book. The junior congressman from Florida pleaded guilty today (Nov. 20) in court after he was busted buying powder in Washington last month.