drug busts

If you're in South America moving dirty take this as your formal warning. The law is feeling very festive about giving out long sentences for the holiday.

It seems some folks did not learn from Frank Lucas’ mistake of wearing the fur to the boxing match. One couple tied to a state representative was trapping for foreigns and designer, allegedly.

A clean pair of J’s are equal to cold hard cash. Not just for sneaker resellers, but for enterprising drug dealers, too.

If your plug cops his weed from a connect in the BX, prices are going up. The feds seized $22M worth of marijuana that was shipped from California to New York City. 

James “Fly” Williams, a former professional basketball player and streetball legend, was arrested for his role in a $2o million heroin ring in Brooklyn. Williams was one of 18 people arrested in the sting and had his own troubles with drugs while also serving as a mentor for youth in the area.

Two Texas drug traffickers who say they worked with corrupt cops to stage phony cocaine busts have been arrested in separate instances this month. Mario Alejandro Solis, 37, was arrested last Friday (Mar. 11), and Carlos Aron Oyervides, 40, was arrested March 4 in similar cocaine cases.