Dwight Gooden is once again aligned with the struggle just weeks after he was busted for cocaine in Jersey. Earlier this week, the former MLB star was arrested for driving under the influence once more.


Dwight Gooden, a standout player for the New York Mets, famously battled cocaine and alcohol addiction during and well after his playing days. The 54-year-old New Jersey resident was arrested last month on June 7 for cocaine in yet another high-profile incident related to his drug abuse.


Cocaine is a hell of a drug. Doc Gooden (the man who once rivaled the legendary Roger Clemens as the greatest MLB pitcher in the league during the 80’s) seems like he hasn’t been able to kick the drug habit that’s derailed many illustrious careers.


For the last couple of weeks, Lamar Odom’s reputation has been in question for numerous reasons. Since being traded from the Los Angeles Lakers, Odom has been a wash on the court. Also allegations of infidelity with different women started to populate throughout different news publications. But it’s the allegations of smoking on that crack […]


Former New York Mets pitcher Dwight Gooden has been charged with driving under the influence of drugs and leaving the scene of an accident and crashing into two vehicles with a child in the car. According to authorities, the former Major League Baseball star was also charged with child endangerment and other motor vehicle violations […]