Married life for professional athletes is already tough, considering the union is on public display for all. Through the good and bad, pro ballers and their wives face constant evaluation of their nuptials. Unfortunately, some marriages aren’t meant to last and in rare cases, the men are better off without their wives, for safety concerns.

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10 Most Expensive Divorces for Black Celebrities Have you ever heard the saying “It’s cheaper to keep her?” Well, Black Enterprise compiled a list of 10 black celebrities that are living that saying right now, with a list of the 10 Most Expensive Divorces For Black Celebrities. Check the list on the next pages.

After news of his extramarital affairs broke following a mysterious November 27th accident, Tiger Woods is making his official return to golf today. Woods is participating in the Master’s in Augusta, Georgia and was seen this morning practicing on the green. In between practicing for the upcoming event, Tiger will give a press conference today […]

Health records from Health Central Hospital showed that Tiger Woods was admitted to the hospital on the day after Thanksgiving for what appears to have been a drug overdose. The fifth floor of the hospital was immediately cordoned off, with hospital records indicating that the golf megastar and billion dollar athlete was admitted under the […]