Joell Ortiz, News, Video

Joell Ortiz went back home as he performed at Guz Sports Bar in Brooklyn, NY. One quarter of Slaughterhouse showed why he’s one of the most respected lyricists in all of Hip-Hop. In this video, shot by Forbez DVD, Joell says “eff a beat, I’ll go acapella. f**k a Papa doc, f**k a clock…” okay, […]

Joell Ortiz, News, Wired Tracks

Microphone abuser, Joell Ortiz, takes a stab at Pusha T’s controversial “Exodus 23:1.” Usually, I kind of detest when rappers hop on other people’s beats instead of just making a new song, but Ortiz gets a pass. Listen and download to one quarter of the Slaughter boys do what he does best. Don’t forget that […]