While his sneakers have been shelved, all of Lil Nas X’s recent efforts were not in vain. He has landed in the number one position with his new single.


Just when you thought Azealia Banks had ran out of tea she brews a new batch. She has called out one Rap’s biggest names and then followed it up with a drastic makeover.


One of the most influential apparel brands in the world is making sure to stay diverse in their design consideration. Nike is releasing a very colorful yet colorful drop for Pride Month.


While he has provided the world enough reasoning to believe he likes men it seems we all got Young Thug wrong. He explains that he likes women and nothing more.


Young Thug has a very unique view on life and how we all should be living it. This was further cemented when discussing Lil Nas X coming out.


Kevin Fret, a popular rap artist in Puerto Rico and openly gay, was murdered this week while riding a motorcycle. The area in where he was shot and killed is one of the busiest in the United States territory.


Aaron Hernandez went from NFL star to persona non grata after he was convicted of murdering Odin Llyod in 2013. Rumblings of the former New England Patriots player being gay came forth after he was imprisoned and now it appears that he struggled with his sexuality due to a two-part documentary that aired over the […]

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If you’re talking method acting, one sure way to get critics talking and drum up some controversy is to play a character from the LBGT community. Nothing says “range” like an actor taking a role in a same sex couple on screen.


Is the world ready for Chozen? The cartoon follows the life of a gay rapper fresh from prison and several Hip-Hop fans are not happy with the idea. Method Man, who lent his voice to the project, recently blasted critics on Twitter.

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Morgan State University’s chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi—a historically Black fraternity—is under fire for allegedly denying a student from pledging because of his sexual orientation.


Even with Halle Berry, Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Hudson all winning Academy Awards within the last fifteen years; the amount of roles available in Hollywood for actors of color continues to stay limited. Being openly gay might make it even more difficult, but there are some actors who continue to thrive.

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Brolic men throwing around and body slamming each other in their underwear, one of them is bound to be gay, right? However, no WWE pro wrestling star has ever come out of the closet before, until now.