End of days. A 70-year old grandmother missed the memo that these millennials aren’t about that life. Her own granddaughter called the cops on her after she got beat with a switch. 

Many consider Scarface to be one of the greatest MCs of all time. Others say he’s the GOAT in the flesh. Both have legitmate reasoning. His incomparable story telling ability and authenticity made him a prolific figure in the culture, and allowed him to craft countless classic albums. With a legacy like this, it was […]

This is not what Jadakiss had in mind when he rapped, “Dead rappers get better promotion.” The family of the late Hip-Hop crooner Nate Dogg continues to battle over the assets he left behind. Apparently Nate’s kids are against having their grandmother or stepmother handling their father’s estate, reports TMZ. As TMZ first reported, when […]