Kim Potter, the former Minnesota police officer, was convicted of the first-degree and second-degree manslaughter of Daunte Wright. Justice has actually been served.

In just the second day of deliberations in his trial in New York, the jury found the shamed R&B star guilty of racketeering, and Twitter is rejoicing.

It is all seemingly crumbling down for R. Kelly’s operation. A member of the crooner’s crew has admitted to torching a vehicle with the hopes of intimidating a witness.

The story of R. Kelly's underhanded movements to get free just continues to get longer and longer. One of his friends is now in trouble for attempting to make a potential witness and testifier an offer they couldn't refuse.

In recent years Lauryn Hill has taken loss after loss—mostly due to her own mistakes. This time one of her family members was caught being messy.

Nicki Minaj’s brother Jelani was set to be sentenced this week for his recent predatory sexual assault conviction but it has been postponed until 2018. His legal team continues to fight the verdict.


Jalani Maraj, rapper Nicki Minaj’s brother older brother, has been found guilty of raping his then 11-year-old stepdaughter. The verdict came down today (Nov. 9) after a three week trial. 

Chief Keef isn’t going to jail, yet. Today (June 18), the Chicago rapper pled guilty to speeding and was hit with a fine, placed on probation and ordered to complete community service.

Getting out of jail shouldn’t be a problem if you’re a drug kingpin. In one particular case, a correction officer at Rikers Correctional Facility offered to help an inmate break out in exchange for $100,ooo in coke. Yesterday (May 30), the now former CO was found guilty of charges including drug possession, conspiracy and  bribery, […]

The Internets was going wild this morning, saying Gucci Mane told a judge, “B-tch, I might be,” when asked if he was guilty of hitting a soldier upside the head with a champagne bottle. However, it turns out that believers of this perfectly feasible LaFlare action, considering his familiarity with the bing, have been catfished. 

Do any rappers pay their taxes on time? Apparently not. Fat Joe is the latest to own up to not paying the government a portion of his multi-million dollar fortune.

The drug conspiracy case of Hip-Hop executive and former manager of several prominent music and entertainment stars, James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond, has come to an expected close today after jurors found the Czar Entertainment mogul guilty on 13 counts of drug charges. Federal prosecutors in Brooklyn Federal Court built a case alleging that Rosemond headed a […]