“He would yell at Guru like a little boy and I’ve never seen a man disrespect somebody else like this before.” The Guru/Solar situation has officially hit an all-time low and the producer has left a large bulls-eye on his back with more shady practices being brought to the light. With FawkSolar up and running […]

As it pertains to Guru, there have been a lot of crazy stories that have circulated throughout the media ever since the world learned of the fact that the rapper was going through medical issues and could have been in a coma. Shady business from producer Solar, along with a family that was unable to […]

As the Hip-Hop world continue to keep Guru in their thoughts and prayers as he is in the process of recovering from going into cardiac arrest and a coma, it is sad to say that there might be suspicious activity going on with his producer Solar in regards to the family of Guru. In support […]