Hushpuppi was charged by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles for a number of money laundering scams.

Activist group Anonymous has been threatening the release of a secret list of Ku Klux Klan members who were connected among varying sectors of society. After a list that was incorrectly credited to Anonymous leaked earlier this week, the group’s official list was released on Thursday.

North Korea wasn’t behind the Sony hacks. Experts believe that it was likely the work of disgruntled ex employees Reports the New York Post: One leading cybersecurity firm, Norse Corp., said Monday it has narrowed its list of suspects to a group of six people — including at least one Sony veteran with the necessary […]

The Associated Press has become one of many Twitter accounts that have been hijacked recently. The account was hacked Tuesday (April 23) with a claim of a White House attack and an injured President Obama.

A social media editor  for Thompson Reuters was indicted on conspiracy charges Thursday (March 14), for allegedly conspiring to hack to L.A. Times. Mathew Keys is accused of conspiring with the hacker group Anonymous, to break into the newspaper’s system to change a story, in December 2010.

Mark this day as the day that Burger King lost–officially. It’s menu has been losing to McDonald’s for years now, but today the burger joints Twitter page was defeated by a rapper-loving hacker who threw in shouts to the likes of Lil Reese, Chief Keef, and Meek Mill.