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If there was any doubt into whether or not Mitt Romney has paid taxes, the answer is yes. The Republican presidential hopeful responded to criticism Friday (Aug. 3) that he has received for refusing to reveal more if tax records. During a campaign stop in Nevada, Romney said that he “paid taxes every year — […]

South Carolina’s Lt. Governor Andre Bauer recently had some disparaging words this week targeted towards the poor which also was a  brick smack to the face also targeted at Black people.   Recently comparing government assistance to “feeding stray animals,” Bauer stated to the Greenville News, “My grandmother was not a highly educated woman but she […]


Michael Steele is going to battle against his democratic arch enemies after a statement by Senator Harry Reid left a bad taste in the Republican National Chairman’s mouth. Steele is calling for a public apology from the Democratic Party and Senator Reid after the opportunistic public servant actually mustered enough audaciousness to compare those opposed […]