house of pain

Everlast, the front man for 90’s Hip-Hop group House of Pain, will ever be connected to the group’s signature hit “Jump Around” from 1992. The enduring bar crowd and sports arena-favored track will be performed this Thursday by Everlast to celebrate its 25th year in existence.

Where would sports be without music? Seriously, if there were no bands, chants, fight songs, inspirational tracks or personal music for players to get motivated to during pre-game, you would see a whole different product on the field, court and in the ring. The relationship between sports and music is critical.

On October 17th, 2009 Whitey Ford, aka Everlast, will hold a special career retrospective performance at The Key Club in Hollywood, CA. The performance will look back at Everlast’s musical career over the past two decades and feature the versatile singer/songwriter/rapper performing tracks from all of his recorded works. Everlast has been a fixture within […]