This is one of the things we feared when President Joe Biden made Juneteenth a federal holiday.

Kanye West visited IKEA’s headquarters in Sweden today (March 8). So of course, this was enough to spawn theories on an inevitable collab that neither party has confirmed, nor denied, just yet. 

The menu at Ikea has already contained horse meat, but pork is where they draw the line. Much to Ikea’s chagrin, pig matter was found in their moose lasagna leaving the company with no choice but to recall the item.

Put another loss on Ikea’s scoreboard, because this one is a major violation. Days after the Swedish furniture giant made news over its meatballs containing horse meat, comes the admission that its chocolate almond cakes held a bacteria found in feces.

Ikea has been serving horse meat to its customers, likely so starved from getting lost in their maze of moderately-priced furniture, that they were willing to consume a meal from the store. The company apparently found that horse meat was being used in more than a dozen eateries inside its European locations.