Now at the age of 46, Nasir “Nas” Jones has the advantage of experience and wisdom on his side after dropping his debut album Illmatic 25 years ago. While Hip-Hop continues to hold the project in high regard, the legendary Queens rapper is pretty much over it.


Nas will forever live on by way of his critically-acclaimed debut album Illmatic, and a stirring performance never before seen will be made available to the masses. Next month, PBS’ THIRTEEN series will unveil the concert film Great Performances – Nas Live From the Kennedy Center: Classical Hip-Hop with legendary Queensbridge rapper performing the influential album […]

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Nas and Hennessy continue their beautiful business agreement with the release of a new commercial that fully realizes the vision that the legendary rhymer’s debut album, Illmatic set out to accomplish.

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Nas’ daughter, Destiny Jones, may not have caught the rapping bug from pops, but his influence on her upcoming lipstick line, Lipmatic, is apparent.

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Nas captured the attention of the Hip-Hop nation with his 1994 debut album, Illmatic. The album continues to inspire creativity, as evidenced by an upcoming Hip-Hop theater piece that draws on the potent lyrics from the classic release.

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Nasir “Nas” Jones has to be feeling awesome right now. The Queensbridge veteran is enjoying a career upswing coupled with the 20th anniversary celebration of his debut album, Illmatic. And now, a mixtape in honor of the Time Is Illmatic documentary has just been released to the public.

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“This is an old ass theater, but thing again, Hip-Hop was created on some old ass equipment,” Nas joked to an uproarious L.A. audience. The air was thick with excitement following the L.A. Time Is Illmatic tour stop presented by Hennessy V.S, yet there were some literal technical difficulties to be dealt with. The Orpheum […]

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Time Is Illmatic is a passion project that’s a result of 10 years worth of work. Filmmakers Erik Parker and One-9, the creators of the film, sat down to discuss what it took to detail the story around what many consider to be the greatest Hip-Hop album of all time.

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Nas’ Illmatic season isn’t going to wan with the changing of the season. The official trailer for the upcoming documentary, Time Is Illmatic has just been released.

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Nas embarked on a global excursion this year to commemorate the 20th anniversary of his debut album Illmatic, performing it from top to bottom in select cities.

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There are only a handful of albums that are universally accepted as classics…Nas’ Illmatic is one of them. We asked a few rap legends—DJ Premier of Gang Starr, Brooklyn MC Jaz-O and Hot 97 staple Funkmaster Flex—for their thoughts on the LP 20 years after it hit stores.

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Today Nas’ debut LP Illmatic is regarded as an unadulterated Rap classic and is arguably the greatest Hip-Hop album ever recorded. Nasty Nas was considered the second coming of Rakim and his album was declared a classic months before it ever even surfaced by leading Rap publications like The Source and Rap Pages.