Ricky Martin can now personally clear his name. His recent incest case has been dismissed and he has finally spoken about the situation.

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Sometimes the apple doesn’t fall from the tree, especially if it’s the apple of someone’s eye. Although inbreeding is generally frowned upon (the National Conference of State Legislatures reads that 25 out of the 50 United States have banned marrying a first cousin) there have been several famous people who married a relative.

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Kevin Gates has championed himself the weirdo on several occasions, but his latest revelation to the world may go on to be insurmountable in the realm of struggledom.


This is pretty disgusting. A brother and sister in Georgia were arrested Tuesday (Aug. 26) morning, for having sex in a church parking lot.


Authorities in North Carolina charged  six brothers with rape and sexual assault for allegedly abusing their now teenage sister. The abuse started when the 16-year-old girl was 4 years old, and continued until the age of 14, police say.


Aswad Ayinde, a Paterson, N.J. man on trial for charges stemming from impregnating three of his five daughters, believed that he was a prophet, according to court testimony. Beverly Ayinde, the ex-wife of the 54-year-old, was shocked to learn that her 12-year-old daughter was with child, and even more disturbed to learn who the father was.


Tiara Stevens has experienced unspeakable pain at the hands of her father. The 27-year-old, from South Carolina, was s-xually abused by her dad, Fred Lee Montgomery, and even gave birth to his child. After waiting for over a decade for justice to be served, Stevens was upset to learn that Montgomery only received a year in […]


Parents have been known to do some f***ed up things, but an Ohio woman got the shock of a lifetime when she found out that her husband was actually her father. Valerie Spruill shared her crazy story with the Akron Beacon, and judging by her recount life has been full of disappointing twists and turns […]

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Two Georgia siblings are in police custody after authorities say they molested a 10-year-old girl for years and got her pregnant, all the while having incestuous relations with their aunt. Danny Lee Arnold, 19, and his brother Thomas Marcus Arnold, 21, were arrested Monday and charged with child molestation, incest, cruelty to children and sexual […]


In an attempt to spice up her sex life, a woman is now facing more than half a century behind bars. Bobbie Jo Geveshausen, 43, will be serving  58 years in prison after she, along with her boyfriend, decided to add a third sex partner. The third member happened to be her own 16-year-old daughter. […]

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Who would have thought that incest was something that still happened to have some sort of appeal in 2010, let alone the past decade? After reuniting with his daughter, of who he had not seen for 30 years, the man decided to become a couple and eventually married her. According to the couple, they were […]


A New Jersey father is facing trial after prosecutors say he raped and beat five of his daughters for years, leaving three of them pregnant with his children. Aswad Ayinde will stand trial five times, once for each daughter police he say raped, beat and sometimes impregnated. According to the Associated Press, the ex-wife of […]