iphone 7

The NYPD is ditching it’s 36,000 Windows Phone for a new crime-fighting tool the iPhone. Initially announced last year the NYPD is now rolling about 600 new iPhones a day to officers in Manhattan. Once every cop in the borough has their iPhone, Brooklyn will be up next followed by Queens.

Well damn, looks like that theory about your iPhone magically becoming unbearable to use right around the time a new iPhone is about to drop has legs. Apple admitted to significantly CPU slowdowns in iPhone 6S  and iPhone 7 models that have low-capacity batteries. 

The iPhone 7, and its larger partner model the iPhone 7 Plus will see worldwide preorders this Friday (Sept. 9) much to the delight of Apple fans everywhere. However, big changes to the smartphone might spell a different level of fanfare for the popular handheld device.