Tis the season to build a rap sheet it seems as rappers are becoming more known for their time behind bars than the actual music they produce. J Futuristic, formerly J Money or the guy that did “First Name, Last Name”, is the next to step up and be read his rights as a background […]

“J. Money, First Name, Last Name.” You know the song that’s been rocking clubs down south all summer. The man behind the breakout single, J. Futuristic, talks to Hip-Hop wired about the obvious name change, his continuation of the ATL movement and why his “Futuristic” sound is here to stay. J. Futuristic Speaks on bringing […]

J. Money, “First name, Last name,” is out to take over the world one song at a time. Rapping for only 18 months, the futuristic star has embarked on a quest to become one of the premier rappers out of the South today. In order to accomplish that feat, drastic change must be made, with […]