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Jason Collins wasn’t naive to the possibility that he would be victim to verbal abuse when he became the NBA’s first openly gay player and according to him, that day on the court has already came.


Thirteen-year NBA center Jason Collins’ return to Nets will come in historic fashion. Collins, 35 has been a free agent since revealing to the world that he was gay in April of 2013.

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Lil Wayne has talked up retiring a few times over the course of his successful career. Last Friday (May 3) at the launch party of his collaborative SPECTRE shoe line with SUPRA in Miami, the Young Money captain says fans can expect more music in the near future.


Amid the furor and discussion regarding NBA player Jason Collins’ decision to come out as gay, ESPN analyst Chris Broussard was one of the high-profile few who openly criticized the move. Despite a rallying cry from gay rights advocates in pressuring ESPN to release or suspend Broussard, the reporter stated in a Christian teleconference yesterday […]

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As the NBA and the rest of the world rallies around Jason Collins and his decision to come out, one former pro ball player voiced some controversial opinions regarding homos-xuality. Larry Johnson, who famously crossed-dressed as the “Grandmama” character for Converse, took to Twitter and said that the NBA locker room is no place for […]

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Chris Broussard found himself in a whirlwind of controversy thanks to his comments on ESPN’s Outside The Lines yesterday (April 29) afternoon. The veteran sportswriter and TV analyst was candid about his religious views and how they pertain to Jason Collins coming out of the closet. In a statement released via Twitter he stands by his […]

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Today’s news cycle was all about Jason Collins. The 34-year-old made history as the first active NBA player to come out the closet. While there have been detractors, most notably ESPN analyst Chris Broussard, the contingent in support for Collins has been overwhelming, especially from his NBA peers.

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Before Chris Broussard boldly explained his disapproval of a fresh out the closet NBA center Jason Collins’ s-xual orientation, NFL player Mike Wallace was the first person of note to drop the gay bashing gauntlet. After he tweeted, and quickly deleted, a message that was allegedly a shot at Collins, the Miami Dolphins have gone on […]

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Jason Collins got his wish when a story revealing that he was gay was published this morning; conversation has definitely started. Speaking on ESPN, analyst Chris Broussard commented on the NBA center’s revelation, and suffice it to say he does not approve of Collins’ lifestyle. 


Jason Collins just may be the bravest NBA center of all time. In the May 6, 2013 issue of Sports Illustrated, the Stanford grad reveals that he is gay.