Johns Hopkins

The first ever penis transplant in the U.S. is happening soon. Surgeons at Johns Hopkins are prepping to perform an operation that will restore genital function to a soldier wounded in what the New York Times called a “horrific injury” from a bomb in Afghanistan.

Retired neurosurgeon, and vocal republican party member, Ben Carson has entered the 2016 presidential race. Carson announced his bid for the country’s highest office after being flanked by a gospel choir singing Eminem’s “Lose Yourself.”

The infamous Johns Hopkins Medicine scandal, which saw more than 8,000 women have their gynaecology exams secretly videotaped, is finally reaching some closure.

A gynecologist in Baltimore is dead of an apparent suicide,  amid allegations that he was secretly recording and taking pictures of his patients. Nikita Levy took his life just as cops served him with a warrant to search his home.