In a rematch with the fourth-ranked Jorge Masvidal, Usman delivered one of the most vicious knockout punches in UFC history.


On Saturday night, highly-touted UFC fighter Ronda Rousey took a surprising loss in a title bout. After a gut-busting ton of slander via memes, and a hospital visit, Rousey took to Instagram to thank her supporters. 


Ronda Rousey talked a lot of sh*t before last night’s fight. So the UFC fighter not just taking an L, but getting knocked the f*ck out has led to all out slander via meme.

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Recent reports of the so-called “Knockout Game” has spread through major media outlets and onto social media, with many claiming roving packs of black youth are assaulting strangers. Now, it appears that many of the reports of the menacing practice may just be sensationalized reporting and not true facts.


A disturbing trend of unprovoked and random attacks known as the “knockout” game has exploded across the New York metropolitan area. Now, NYPD officials want to investigate the game as a hate crime after several Jews reported they’ve been victims of the violent act.