Kris Kross

It’s been almost two months to the day since Chris “Mac Daddy” Kelly of Kris Kross fame passed away at 34-years-old. As many suspected, the official cause of death has been determined to be a drug overdose.

Yesterday was the funeral of Chris Kelly of Kris Kross fame. One could only hope that he realized just how many people loved him before he passed away. 

The funeral service for late Kris Kross rapper Chris Kelly
 was held in Atlanta on Thursday afternoon (May 9). A host of friends, family and celebrities came out to honor “Mac Daddy” during a ceremony at the Jackson Memorial Baptist church. The eulogy was given by Kelly’s partner in rhyme, Chris “Daddy Mac” Smith.

While the exact circumstances of Chris Kelly‘s death remain uncertain, the late rapper’s funeral services have been set. The “Mac Daddy” half of Kris Kross will be buried this Thursday, May 9 in Atlanta.

Chris “Mac Daddy” Kelly of the 90’s rap group Kris Kross passed away today (May 1). He was just 34 years old.