Kendrick Lamar’s long winning streak will extend into fashion once again. More details on his second Nike release have been revealed.

News, RZA

RZA has been quietly hanging around the music scene despite the glory days of the Wu-Tang Clan largely behind him. The Abbot will display some of his chops at this year’s Beyond Fest in Los Angles where he will be live-scoring a screening of Kung-Fu movie classic, The 36th Chamber of Shaolin.


Jim Kelly, famously known for playing martial artist Williams in Bruce Lee’s Enter The Dragon, has died. The famed Blaxploitation actor was 67-years-old. 

Outside of his work with the Wu Tang Clan on the boards, producer RZA has always had some type of fixation with the Asian culture and the art of Kung Fu. Now is the time to show and prove as he has been given the green light to begin the film The Man With The […]

“If you want me to beat you up, I can put my mind into beating you up, but I’m into walking calm, cool collective.  I never want to punch a man in his face again.” Wu Tang is a group that is known for their lyrical prowess and their ability to snap necks with their […]