Kyle Kuzma

Via Twitter, the fashion icon asked his followers which establishment in the region has the best "mumbo chicken" and Kill Moe Twitter corrected the talented hooper.

Kyle Kuzma, who is one of the best contributors, is currently getting fried online after rocking an incredibly loud and pink Patrick The Starfish outfit ahead of a Monday night game.

Back in October 2018, Los Angeles Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma inked an exclusive partnership deal with online sneaker marketplace, GOAT. Almost 2 years later, he is re-upping on that partnership.

The kicks that grace NBA courts are just as important as the basketballs that bounce on them. Players are known for signing lucrative sneaker deals with companies or in the rare case of Lonzo Ball start your own company. Kyle Kuzma took things to another level by partnering with an actual sneaker marketplace.