Lara Lavi

Death Row Records’ ongoing drama and court battles are not over. As previously reported Dr. Dre sued Death Row, now owned by WIDEawake Entertainment, in February for royalties after he says they re-released The Chronic without his permission. Now however WIDEawake/ Death Row is facing more drama, this time for stipulations on the loan used […]

Death Row Records made headlines yesterday for a court battle headlined by the company’s new CEO, Lara Lavi. The date in court is now over and details of the proceedings are coming to light. Death Row Records CEO, President Lara Lavi has just been granted a temporary restraining order against the Canadian financial group, New […]

Death Row’s financial issues once thought to be a long thing of the past are coming to light once again. Death Row’s new CEO Lara Lavi has filed a lawsuit against company affiliates in a New York County Court. Lavi, the former head of WIDEawake Entertainment, bought Death Row in bankruptcy court for $18 million […]