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Chicago’s growing infamy as a result of the violence plaguing the city has been one of the saddest news developments in some time.  Warring gang factions have overrun huge swaths of the Windy City, gripping many persons young and old in fear. In recent weeks newscasters have been investigating the phenomenon, with ABC’s late-night news […]


The sprawling city of Chicago has made national news headlines of late for the violent and rapid spike of gang-related murders – now numbering 320 in 2012 so far. As the inner city strife mars the Windy City’s image, young rappers such as Chief Keef and the late Lil Jo Jo, with the latter of […]

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Chicago, resplendent with its towering skyline, has always battled with its reputation as a city plagued by corruption and crime. Just a short distance from the sparking downtown “Loop” area, the South and West sides of the Windy City show evidence of neighborhoods hit hard with poverty and gang culture.  Atop the heap stands Chief […]

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Although some may have scoffed at Lupe Fiasco declaring in a radio interview last week that rising rap star Chief Keef “scared him” as a result of the Chicago teen’s violent depiction of their shared hometown, a quick look at the staggering rise in the murder rate of Black and Hispanic teens due to gun […]