Yesterday (July 22) Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife Nicole Murphy had the internet talking after she was caught smooching married movie director Antoine Fuqua. The former model claims they are family friends and just greeting each other. Actress LisaRaye stepped in and claimed that she is just a habitual cheater.

Marlon Wayans & Co. may pose the question What The Funny? on their daily grind but moviegoers all across the globe indeed know what time it is when he drops a flick. Since he and his brothers departed from the Scary Movie franchise, the sequential films have noticeably been oozing with struggle. Marlon adjusted fire […]

LisaRaye Covers the July/August Summer Romance Issue of Kontrol Magazine With her hit show “Single Ladies” being picked up for a second season, LisaRaye is back on top… Salute Peep More Hot New Videos Here!!!