LisaRaye McCoy

During her recent interview with longtime friend, Vivica Fox, for her podcast Hustling with Vivica Fox, McCoy revealed new details about the verbal spat she had with her former co-star Stacey Dash on the set of the VH1 show, Single Ladies.


Needless to say Nicki's social media army, "The Barbz" came for Jordan with Nicki even threatening Jordan's family for defying the new Queen. LisaRaye meanwhile went unscathed as she avoids social media for the most part. But after Nicki threw a pointed bar her way on Tekashi "Henry Hill 6ix9ine's "Trollz" by saying "Dollar Bill come get her/even your man know Nickis do it better," the Players Club actress decided to address the lyrical snub.

Nicole Murphy found herself the center of controversy when she was seen on vacation kissing on married film director, Antonie Fuqua. LisaRaye McCoy, who has sniped at Murphy in the past, did so again but this time with the stern words of “she might wanna come see me.”

LisaRaye is calling bull you know what on Nicole Murphy’s apology claiming she was sorry after she got caught locking lips with a very much married Antoine Fuqua. TMZ caught up with the actress, and she clearly had time that day putting Murphy on blast once again.

LisaRaye McCoye‘s home got burglarized. Thieves made off with $160,000 worth of the Player’s Club actresses belongings including purses and jewelry.