It seems that the team over at Ralph Lauren continues to recognize the power of the culture. The iconic brand is set to bring back their perhaps most coveted piece ever, the Polo “Snow Beach” jacket.

Are you confused when heads talk about ‘Lo? Well here is a handy intro. Put This On, a web series about “dressing like grown up” tackles the ‘Lo (as in Polo by Ralph Lauren clothing) lifestyle and culture for the first episode of its second season. Shout out to Hip-Hop Wired contributor Dallas Penn who […]

If you grew up in the 80’s and early 90’s in the NYC and had to walking the BK streets or ride the train to school, the Decepticons gang (and the always freshly dipped Lo Lifes) was very real. Their exploits—like robbing entire train cars—are the stuff of legend, and based on truth. Brownsville repping […]