loud records


Though Def Jam, Death Row and Bad Boy were considered the 90’s biggest and baddest Hip-Hop record labels, real heads know that LOUD Records was responsible for dropping just as much classic material (if not more) as the aforementioned companies. To celebrate its 25th Anniversary, LOUD Records will be throwing a OG star-studded concert on […]

Steve Rifkind, the mastermind behind popular 1990’s imprint Loud Records, helped usher in a bevy of legendary Hip-Hop releases that still captivate fans to this day. Rifkind has revived Loud along with RED Music, and has plans to bring attention to some of the biggest releases to emerge from the label.

Today, Pete Rock is regarded as a legend in the field of Rap music and Hip-Hop production. The Chocolate Boy Wonder  lent his signature sound to numerous classics and remixes over the past 25 years after starting out as a part of Eddie F’s Untouchables crew.

At the time Wu-Tang Clan first appeared on the national stage, it was thanks to a hit 12″ single titled “Protect Ya Neck”/“Method Man”, released by Loud Records. The year before the group independently released “Protect Ya Neck” with a different B-side (“After The Laughter Comes Tears”) which built up enough of a buzz on […]