Brett Hankison, an officer involved in the fatal raid, was found not guilty on Thursday (Mar. 4) which sparked protests across Lousiville and beyond.

The rapper was in attendance at a Derby Eve celebration in his home state when the incident took place.

The incident left one person dead and another injured after an apparent argument took place inside the establishment.

Erika Shields stepped down last summer after the fatal shooting of Rayshard Brooks, and now heads a police department with its own checkered history.

Kenneth Walker shot one of the officers in the leg after they forced their way into the couple's apartment and shooting Taylor dead as she slept.

As previously reported, on Wednesday (Sept 23),Cameron revealed that a grand jury failed to indict all three officers involved in the murder of Breonna Taylor and giving just once officer a far lesser charge. Brett Hankison, the only officer terminated for the incident,  was the lone officer charged among two others facing charges stemming from the fateful night that left the 26-year-old Taylor shot dead this past March. Sgt. John Mattingly and Det. Myles Cosgrove managed to avoid justice after Kentucky’s Attorney General Daniel Cameron told a media throng that the cops were “justified of their use of force” due to Taylor’s boyfriend firing at them first.

According to published reports, the family of Breonna Taylor and the city reached a $12 million settlement in the wrongful death case six months after the 26-year old EMT was murdered in her home while she slept.

Until Freedom launched "BreonnaCon" event in an effort to bring awareness to Breonna Taylor's death by the hands of police brutality. Twitter wonders if they "memefied" the victim's death. Co-founder Tamika Mallory responds to clarify misinformation and criticism.

Breonna Taylor's family is once again speaking out about new details regarding the murder of the 26-year old EMT after a new report reveals that she was actually still alive after being shot in her home. On Monday (Jul 6), Breonna Taylor’s family, who is currently in a lawsuit against police and the city of Louisville, revealed that Taylor was actually still alive after being shot more than 8 times while sleeping in her bed and only succumbed to her injuries after being denied medical attention by the detectives. 

A detective involved in the murder of Breonna Taylor has been fired. On Tuesday (Jun 23), the Louisville Chief of Police announced the firing of one of the three officers involved in the murder of EMT Breonna Taylor in her home back in March. According to NBC, to Louisville Metro Police Department detective Brett Hankison, chief Robert J. Schroeder said that the detective violated department rules, procedures, and deadly force standards when Taylor was killed.

The Louisville Metro Council voted the legislation into effect on Thursday, named after the 26-year-old Taylor who was killed after a botched raid.

At a time when the Black community is demanding answers for the death of Black Americans at the hand of police, the murder of 26-year old Breonna Taylor has begun getting the microscopic treatment and the results so far are disheartening. On Wednesday (June 10), the Louisville Metro Police Department released the incident report for the night of March 13, when three plainclothes officers used a battering ram to break into Breonna Taylor’s apartment, where she was shot by LMPD eight times and killed immediately. Despite the evidence from the homicide, the report is almost blank.