Lupe Fiasco Mixtape

Lupe Fiasco’s Friend Of The People Mixtape After a successful comeback album, Lasers, earlier this year, Lupe Fiasco is back with a brand new mixtape. Friend Of The People features 12 new Lupe tracks, as a follow up to his 2009 mixtape Enemy Of The State: A Love Story. Download Friend Of The People below. […]

There seems to be A LOT of misconception and misguided info floating around the net…so for the sake of clarity and so that everyone (HOPEFULLY) will be on the same page. Let me reaffirm and debunk some things and just turn down the general noise that is Lupe Fiasco…” Lupe Fiasco, Chicago’s resident is revealing […]

Chicago’s resident ‘We Are Lasers’ lyricist, Lupe Fiasco, has kept fans of his catchy often mind bending lyrics in waiting for a new release. Now the wait for new material may soon be over. Lupe made an official announcement of the upcoming release date for his new album during a performance. At a recent concert […]