Balenciaga is doubling down on their unusual approach to ready to wear fashion. They will be releasing trash bag inspired handbags that cost $1,790 dollars.

Frank Ocean is going from ambassador to owner. The crooner is launching his own luxury brand called Homer.

After decades of being shunned by premium brands time has proven Hip-Hop is your favorite tastemaker’s tastemaker. One of our elders recently gave the skinny on the culture became such a force.

If you have an itch to buy something you don’t need in a mere effort to flex on your peers then Louis Vuitton is speaking your name. The brand is releasing a pool table.

The famous proverb waste not want seems to not hold any weight at the Burberry corporate offices. The luxury brand destroys thousands of pieces a year without blinking.

The SUV class category may never be the same. Lamborghini has put the game on notice with its new 2018 Urus model.

Kim Kardashian had a healthy baby girl, but the power of Yeezus isn’t that strong, as they were denied the spacious Deluxe Maternity Suite at Cedars Sinai Hospital. Who occupied it? Christine Vest; Laker star Dwight Howard’s girlfriend.

Azealia Banks gets real cartoony on her new video for “Atlantis.” Banks struts her stuff in her hometown for the new video, “Luxury.” The rapper/singer/fashonista has stayed busy throughout 2012, and this video is just the latest off of her recent mixtape, Fantasea.