“I just f**ked that beat in the a**.” –Royce Da 5’9” With the movement starting back in 2009, the rap quartet known as Slaughterhouse were able to set the bar high on lyricism and future expectations for rappers. Since dropping their self-titled album back in August 2009, the group has yet to lift their boots […]

The explosion of the South saw the momentum built from the North transition as southern rappers had created a new blueprint and created an environment where dance music was the appeal and lyricism was becoming a fad of the past. In regards to the West, that ship has been slowly sinking without a prominent rapper […]


“I’m a fan of lyricism, so I like just spazzing out, going crazy.”  Quality has forever outweighed quantity.  What is the point is an abundance of one things if it lacks substance and has no lasting impression?  What is the point in essentially having a whole lot of nothing? Part of the XXL Freshman Class […]