A man wielding a machete injured two people during an attack on the University of Arkansas campus Thursday (Sept. 3) evening. One of the injured is in critical condition, but neither of the victims were students at the university. 

A Long Island deli worker is either very brave or very stupid. An armed robber attempted to hold up a Long Island deli and took a shot at the worker when he hesitated to give up the cash. The clerk then picked up a machete and chased the gunman out of the store. 

An Alabama man accused of sleeping with another man’s wife, pulled out a machete to quiet the allegations. Police in Mobile say Eric McFadden brandished the weapon amid the love triangle dispute Monday (May 27).

A UK soldier was attacked and beheaded by two knife wielding terrorists today (May 22). The brazen and horrifying attack occurred in southeast London’s Woolwich  district.