When Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson came into the game he told the world he would get rich or die trying. Well, to some people’s dissatisfaction, he aint dead yet. But the former low level Queens crack dealer turned rap megastar has gotten rich 20 times over. We’re not even talking about the millions he’s made off record […]

50 Cent and Lil Kim Perform “Magic Stick” In Australia 50 Cent had a surprise for concert goers overseas when he brought out Lil Kim during his show in Australia this week, as  Fiddy and the Queen Bee performed their 2003 hit collaboration “Magic Stick” for the Down Under crowd. There have been reports that […]

“Thirteen women and no condoms, you’re a gambling man ain’t you Tiger?  Rappers use condoms often.  Golfers apparently don’t use condoms.” As people are continuing to find comical relief at the expense of golfer Tiger Woods and his pending situation with countless women, rapper Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson actually sparks an idea, or reinvents one […]