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Super Bowl XLVIII may have been a largely a one-sided affair, due in part to the victorious Seattle Seahawks making small work of the Denver Broncos. After the game, however, a man decided to make the postgame news conference his place to speak on 9/11 theories during MVP Malcolm Smith‘s presser.

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Some may recall last year that Democratic New York State Senator Malcolm Smith demanded an apology from Lil Wayne over the rapper’s dismissal of the city. Sen. Smith made the news again earlier today, this time after he and City Councilman Dan Halloran were busted by the Feds for attempting to rig the upcoming mayoral […]

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Sometimes, news happens that you can’t even make up even if you tried. After Lil Wayne said that he isn’t too fond of the Empire State, New York State Senator Malcolm Smith is demanding a public apology in Times Square. No, seriously. Senator Smith will be joined by members of the hip hop youth council and […]