Mary Norwood

Spectators and speculators of Atlanta’s politically brutal mayoral races knew that runner-up Mary Norwood would not go quietly into the night after suffering the bitter taste of defeat. But now the former city councilwoman has no choice but to ride peacefully into the night after losing to her younger, better suited opponent, Kasim Reed, in […]

A state elections board has officially certified candidate Kasim Reed as the next mayor of Atlanta. Reed beat out his competition in a run-off election against candidate Mary Norwood. The historic election thought to be mostly based on race was more than tight with Reed securing a win by only 715 votes or a margin […]

A racially charged campaign between young, former Georgia State Senator Kasim Reed and Mary Norwood has ended. Reed has captured a majority of the vote and is, in all likelihood, Atlanta’s 59th mayor. The Era of Black mayors in the Capital of the South continues! In a statement made to the press and supporters during […]