Mo’ne Davis

Simply put, Mo’ne Davis is a star. And a role model. And not exactly a reluctant one.

Mo’ne Davis continues to show why she deserves the title of star athlete.

Disney’s announcement that they were creating a movie surrounding the life of baseball legend Mo’ne Davis has since been overshadowed by one college baseball player’s disgusting tweet directed at the 13-year-old star.

Kevin Hart managed to walk away with his fourth MVP honor at the NBA Celebrity All-Star Game but he was on the wrong side of the top highlight when he was crossed up by female Little League star Mo’ne Davis.

As far as 2014 sports are concerned, Mo’ne Davis has Hip-Hop Wired’s pick for Athlete of the Year. Chevrolet seems to concur and they have managed to keep Spike Lee busy for the new documentary written and directed by him, titled Throw Like a Girl.

Teen Little League pitching sensation Mo’ne Davis is already a historical sports icon and her legacy is set to be immortalized in Cooperstown forever.

Talk of the 2014 Little League World Series without mentioning 13-year-old Mo‘ne Davis would be ludicrous.