During the Versace for H&M launch, Nicki Minaj caught up with the NY Post and spoke on a number of topics including her alter ego Roman Zolanski and Willow Smith. After revealing that her alter ego was on his way “back from boarding school”, she spoke on her “Fireball” collaborator saying, “Willow Smith is like […]

Nicki Minaj took the stage at the Versace for H&M launch and performed her verse on Big Sean’s A$$ remix. The rapper who didn’t charge the Good Music signee for the track, sported a hat, cheetah print skirt and jacket onstage for the event. Check out Nicki shaking her…well..A$$ below.

Nicki Minaj was spotted last night at the Versace for H&M launch and performed one of her most memorable tracks. As previously reported, the Nickster hit the stage at the event alongside Prince at a post-show. KarlIsMyUnkle.com was on hand to captures some footage, check out Nicki performing “Romans Revenge” below.