Nicole Murphy found herself the center of controversy when she was seen on vacation kissing on married film director, Antonie Fuqua. LisaRaye McCoy, who has sniped at Murphy in the past, did so again but this time with the stern words of “she might wanna come see me.”


LisaRaye is calling bull you know what on Nicole Murphy’s apology claiming she was sorry after she got caught locking lips with a very much married Antoine Fuqua. TMZ caught up with the actress, and she clearly had time that day putting Murphy on blast once again.


Yesterday (July 22) Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife Nicole Murphy had the internet talking after she was caught smooching married movie director Antoine Fuqua. The former model claims they are family friends and just greeting each other. Actress LisaRaye stepped in and claimed that she is just a habitual cheater.

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Drake, his father, and the stunning Nicole Murphy all starred alongside each other in a new commercial for Drizzy's Virginia Black whiskey brand.

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Shannon Sharpe broke out the cigars on FS1's Undisputed to celebrate his successful meeting with Nicole Murphy, who he has sought after for months.


Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy called off their engagement. It was the latter who cut it off, and it was because either he was caught being unfaithful or because she didn’t want to sign a prenuptial agreement; it depends on who you ask.


Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy ended their long distance engagement Friday (Aug. 1). The couple has been engaged since 2009, and together since 2007.