The tragic death of Black security guard Jemel Roberson at the hands of police as he was assisting in the arrest of a gunman is still under investigation. In the wake of the unfortunate incident, Kanye West has given the family of Roberson $150,000.

Jermel Roberson was working as a security guard at Manny’s Blue Room in the Chicago suburb of Robbins, Ill. when he apprehended a patron in the wee hours of Sunday morning. According to a witness, Roberson was complying with officers to release the suspect but an officer burst into the scene and fired a shot, […]

Amber Guyger, the Dallas police officer who mistakenly entered another man’s apartment and fatally shot him, has been arrested and charged with manslaughter. Guyger posted a $300,000 bond Sunday evening (Sept. 9) as the family of slain Black man Botham Jean awaits justice.

The family of slain unarmed Black teen Jordan Edwards and their quest for justice has come to an end after a Texas jury found the white police officer who shot and killed the boy guilty of murder. Oliver shot a firearm into a car full of other teenagers as they left a party in a […]

East Pittsburgh Police Officer Michael Rosfeld was charged with criminal homicide after shooting and killing 17-year-old Black teen Antwon Rose. The incident, which took place on June 19, occurred after Rosfeld approached a vehicle that matched the description of one used in a drive-by shooting but the officer’s account changed dramatically from his earlier reports.

Another African American teenager has been killed by the hands of police. The Hip-Hop community is of course angry and is now (at least one rapper is) asking for the death penalty.

In Brooklyn, New York, NYPD officers encountered Crown Heights man Saheed Vassell on Wednesday afternoon (4/4/18), after responding to reports that a man was in the street carrying what they assumed was a gun. When Vassell pointed the metal object towards the officers, they open fired and killed Vassell, with the family and some neighbors […]

The shooting death of unarmed Black California man Stephon Clark at the hands of Sacramento police has sparked a flurry of renewed debate over the use of force by authorities. In a family-ordered autopsy, it was revealed that Clark was shot eight times, mostly in the back region, adding a new layer to the still-developing […]

The shooting death of Baton Rouge man Alton Sterling did not lead to a criminal prosecution of the officers involved, but a sliver of justice has been delivered in the matter. Baton Rouge Police Officer Blane Salamoni was fired on Friday (Mar. 30), and another officer was suspended for three days in the wake of newly […]

This past Sunday (Mar. 18), officers in Sacramento, California gunned down unarmed Black man Stephon Clark, who was holding nothing more than a cellphone in his grandparents’ backyard. Sacramento officials have released body cam footage of the incident as activists and others are scrambling for answers.

Michael Slager, the former South Carolina police officer who shot and killed Charleston man Walter Scott as he fled unarmed on foot, has been sentenced to 20 years in prison on Thursday (Dec. 8).

The girlfriend of slain Minnesota man Philando Castile, Diamond Reynolds, and her daughter received an $800,000 settlement in the matter.