Prince George’s County

The Showtime documentary is executive produced by county natives Kevin Durant and Quinn Cook and displays the rich legacy of professional and collegiate players to hail from the Washington, D.C. suburb.

Delonte West and his struggles in the wake of his NBA career are well documented, and a recent video of a street fight in his Prince George’s County, Md. went viral, prompting a call for support. A county police officer who reportedly filmed the event and didn’t intervene has been suspended pending an investigation according […]

The return of the popular chicken sandwich from Popeyes has sparked a violent episode that turned fatal in a Washington, D.C. suburb. Police say a man was stabbed to death over an altercation at the fast-food restaurant involving the sandwich on Monday night (November 4).

Kevin Durant is, without doubt, one of the NBA’s most electrifying players and a solid cog in the high-powered Golden State Warriors offense. But like other youth from his home state of Maryland, Durant wasn’t gifted with endless riches to go to the next level scholastically and now, he’s using his platform to assist others […]

The facts behind the unfortunate shooting death of Black Maryland police officer Jacai Colson took a turn, this after the Prince George’s County police chief shared new developments. On Wednesday, Chief Hank Stawinski said that Colson was shot by an officer who “deliberately aimed” at his colleague in the heat of the gun exchange with […]

Jacai Colson, a four-year veteran of the Prince George’s County Police Department, was involved in a shootout with a pair of suspects Sunday afternoon outside a Landover, Md. police station. Colson was fatally shot, and the suspects, one of which was wounded, were taken into custody.

A 17-year-old honor student in Maryland, was killed during a home invasion, Wednesday (Aug. 22). Amber Deanna Stanley was killed in her own bed after the door to her bedroom was kicked in. The teen’s two sisters and her niece were home during the incident, but escaped out of a window. Police in Prince George’s County […]

Veronica Deramous has some serious explaining to do after the 40-year-old-woman kidnapped a homeless soon to be mom and attempted to forcefully separate the woman from her unborn child, by way of no surgical incision. “She bound the victim’s hands and proceeded to try to cut the victim’s abdomen to try to get the baby […]