public option

As the healthcare debate edges nearer to an outcome that will result in universal health coverage for all American citizens, insurance companies find themselves digging in for a battle that will see them lose million of dollars in profits. Perhaps in response to that reality, Aetna is forcing over 650,000 of their customers to drop […]

The Senate is preparing for a debate of mammoth proportions after this Thanksgiving holiday. The Senate voted on Saturday to debate the bill by a 60-39 vote, despite strong opposition from some leaders, mainly Republican. As previously reported, the Health Care reform bill already passed in the House of Representatives, skimming by on a vote […]

President Barack Obama has been under fire for his proposed health care legislation, mainly the public option portion of the reformation strategy. While the president has stated since the beginning there is room for compromise, it may be safe to assume public option is out of the question. While Obama is said to be making […]