With successful Hip-Hop friends like this, y'all know those wedding gifts and wedding envelopes were next level. Just sayin'.


Humbled by that wild experience, Steve says that he's since tried to make things right with Method and RZA, but Raekwon on the other hand, that might be a little trickier.


While Lo-Lifes, fashionistas and hypebeasts alike are salivating at the return of the Polo Snow Beach line, Raekwon feels a ways. The Chef thinks Ralph should have contacted him for the campaign.

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Raekwon the Chef is a savvy veteran MC that still gets respect and still drops quality music. But we asked the Wu-Tang Clan rapper about some topics other than music, such as police brutality. 

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At the time Wu-Tang Clan first appeared on the national stage, it was thanks to a hit 12″ single titled “Protect Ya Neck”/“Method Man”, released by Loud Records. The year before the group independently released “Protect Ya Neck” with a different B-side (“After The Laughter Comes Tears”) which built up enough of a buzz on […]

The return of Raekwon is a comeback that has been highly praised and acknowledged by Hip Hop heads. Even in today’s changing climate in the music industry, the Chef was able to show that he can still cook up some potent product for the streets to feed off of. The storm following Only Build 4 […]

14 years ago, while New York had a tight headlock on rap, Wu Tang’s own Raekwon blew everything in the game out of the water with his debut release Only Built 4 Cuban Linx. Dubbed The Purple Tape, the album has been deemed a classic in all standards when it came to Mafia rap.  The […]