Rape Victim

Even though he is no longer with us in the physical Rick James’ legacy is still making news; this time for the worse. A woman alleges the music star sexually assaulted her in the 1970’s.

Russell Simmons is not wavering from his original response about his alleged sexual wrongdoings. He is still denying any wrongdoing.

It’s about to get even realer for Bill Cosby. He will see five of his alleged victims in court in a matter of weeks.

The particulars behind Tupac’s sexual assault case continue to be a hot topic. His accuser has given further insight on the court proceedings in a new video.

While he still maintains his innocence, Russell Simmons is taking another route to keep his name clean. He has put his #NotMe campaign on pause.

Evelyn Lozada opened up about the alleged head-butting incident that ended her marriage, comparing the backlash to that of a rape victim.  The Basketball Wives star’s violent reputation has cast doubt among some, believing that she perpetuated the altercation that led to her husband, Chad “Ochocino” Johnson being taken into custody. In response to naysayers […]