Producer Swizz Beatz has been making a variety of moves in several arenas outside of music. The latest venture for the musician has the Bronx native joining the cast of a new unscripted television series, Dream School.

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Jesse Jackson Jr. pleaded guilty to federal charges that he misappropriated campaign funds. His wife, Sandi Jackson, is expected to follow suit. The couple arrived at federal court in Washington D.C. this morning, initially making no statements as to how they will respond to the charges against them.

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There is something very suspicious going on with Jesse Jackson Jr. Jackson’s absence from his Congressional post has been shrouded in secrecy, and the announcement that he is suffering from a “mood disorder,” hardly cleared things up. Leaders in Congress requested further explanation of his reported “medical leave,” prompting Jackson’s office to release a brief statement Wednesday (July 11). “The Congressman is receiving intensive […]