Being the mayor of New York City means plenty of enemies, especially if you’re in favor of stricter gun control laws. Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg was sent a letter that was found to contain ricin. 

In a dash to nab a suspect in the ricin letter mailings to President Obama and a Mississippi Senator, authorities pegged Paul Kevin Curtis as a chief suspect. Now that the charges against Curtis have been dropped and details involving the case and the ongoing investigation have begun to emerge. Allegedly, Curtis wasn’t even aware of […]

Police in Mississippi charged a man with sending a letter laced with the poison, ricin, to President Obama. Paul Kevin Curtis, was arrested at his home in Corinth, and faces two felony counts, the U.S. Department of Justice announced Thursday (April 18).

A pair of letters sent to President Barack Obama and Republican Senator Roger Wicker yesterday (April 16)  reportedly tested positive for the poiso, ricin in an initial analysis. Law officials announced earlier today (April 17) that the letters intended for President Obama and Sen. Wicker were seized at a processing facility away from the White […]