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If you’re a Bawse, you should employ a security detail at all times. Rick Ross learned this the hard way when he was the victim of an attempted drive-by shooting on his birthday. Rozay and his girlfriend were travelling alone that early morning, but now the “Hustlin'” rapper has employed 24-hour armed security. 

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Unless you make avoiding Hip-Hop media a habit, you know that Rick Ross was the victim of an attempted drive-by shooting. Police have no real viable suspects at the moment. However, we have five names that should be high on any list of potential “persons of interest.” 

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Turns out that a Bawse pushes his own six figure whip, especially when his life’s on the line. Ft. Lauderdale police have confirmed that Rick Ross was driving the Rolls-Royce that crashed into a building after speeding away from an attempted drive-by shooting. The passenger was the rapper’s girlfriend,  Shateria L. Moragne-el.