Robert Champion

One of the suspects charged in the hazing death of Florida A&M student, Robert Champion has entered a guilty plea. According to his lawyer’s announcement Friday (March 8), Caleb Jackson will take responsibility for his role in the death of the drum major. 

Twelve former members of Florida A&M University’s Marching 100 band are being charged with manslaughter for the 2011 hazing death of drum major Robert Champion. Ten of the 12 accused were previously charged with felony hazing last May, but the prosecution announced today (March 4) that the charges have been upgraded to manslaughter. Additionally, two more […]

A newly released account of the hazing death of Florida A&M student, Robert Champion, has shed light on the story that has tarnished the school’s reputation. Champion, who  died a year ago, was viciously beaten by members of the famed “Marching 100” group.

Brian Jones, will be the first of 12 former Florida A&M marching band members to be sentenced for his involvement in the “crossing Bus C” fatal hazing of 26-year-old Robert Champion. The 23-year-old pleaded no contest to felony hazing charges and attests that he was not one of the 100 marching band members aboard  the bus, […]

Florida A&M University is looking to wash its hands clean of the hazing ritual that led to the death of Robert Champion. The student  was a member of the school’s widely known marching band, and died during a trip with the group, last November. The University filed a motion Monday (Sept. 10) looking to dismiss […]

A trial date has been set for 11 of the 13 marching band members charged  in the hazing death of Robert Champion. Circuit Judge Marc Lubet announced October 8 as the date when the accused will face legal action, but according to an attorney for one of the former band members, the trial won’t start […]

Al Sharpton is joining civil rights leaders, and members of black fraternities and sororities to launch an anti-hazing campaign. Fueled by the death of Florida A&M University band member Robert Champion’s, members of the coalition announced Thursday (May 31) that the severity of  the student’s story moved them to take action.

Robert Champion, the Florida A&M student whose hazing death unearthed the dangerous ritual taking place at schools around the nation,  welcomed the violence—this according to student interviews released Wednesday (May 22).

Florida A&M University’s band will not be allowed to march until sometime next year. The school’s president, James Ammons, announced Monday (May 14) that the marching band will be suspended until 2013. The announcement comes in lieu of news that 13 FAMU band members will face third-degree felony charges, for their participation in the hazing […]

Thirteen people involved in the fatal hazing of a Florida A&M University student have been charged for their roles in the act. State Attorney Lawson Lamar announced that 11 of the 13 people will face third-degree felony charges, for the death of Robert Champion, and could spend up to six years behind bars, while the remaining […]